Hello darlings, I am Cassandra Sasse

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I am an Artist and here you will discover my little world. We are old school. We live our lives like gypsies, wherever the road takes us. Our two souls met when we were 18 and 19. Together we made a beautiful life and seven beautiful babies. I believe that you have to know love, to be able to witness it in others. I document our beautiful life and our love, and sometimes I take other people's pictures. It's been 30 years, and year after year no matter what changes I always come back to my photography.

Photography is like poetry, only visual. There are so many stories and meanings one picture can portray, it all depends on who's looking at the photo and whether they are paying enough attention.

Over the years I've captured so many memories

Some of my portrait art over the years...

A love like the sea, endless, deep and completely unique - Long Beach Washington

Award Winning Artist Photographer

Lets Make Art

If you see beauty the way I do, let's work together!

Tangible memories of the life we've lived, the people we've loved, the places we've visited. They are little relics from the past, that help us relive the happiest, most important life moments. Each person that I work with is unique and very different. There are no two stories alike. I love capturing real-time moments and documenting them on film. I capture unique souls.

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