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Hi there

I married my best friend when I was 18. I am an artistic photographer, living in the high desert Nevada mountains. My romance with photography began over a decade ago when I had my first of 7 children with the love of my life. Ever since I’ve picked up a camera, I’ve been obsessed with capturing the world, people and relationships through subtle details and play of light. I lovee capturing a photograph that others can feel and become one with the emotions and that moment that aren’t always easy to witness.

Life is all about spending time because in the end all that really matters are those moments we spent

My first child passed away, a son. I named him Patrick. Fast forward to two years later and I was blessed with a girl, I knew from that moment on I wanted to hold on to each and every moment, and I did so through my art and the pictures I have documented through the years. I now am happily still married 30 years later with seven beautiful children and I have documented our whole life through my art.

We live, love, travel and document it all.

Friends Anna & Grant Washington Coast
Kolt Cannon Beach Oregon
Family Portrait on location shot at top of Kittridge Canyon Nevada
Friends Married in the Vineyard in Washington
Along the River Boats Washington Lovers
Oregon Lighthouse on the Pacific Ocean
Friends Maternity Creative Boat Lovers
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