Stand out against the competition with commercial head shots that will set you apart


Standing out among the competition in today's media-driven world of advertising is the key to making your business successful amongst your competition. Your business or commercial headshots should set you apart and allow you to show your true personality while allowing a superb and unique business entity as a professional. Business Branding is all about being unique and setting you apart from your competition.


Tannis with Western Skies Reality

What we do is get to know YOU and through our creative eye help to create and capture images that will allow the public and potential clientele to see through our expression the uniqueness of you. YOUR BRAND. You are your brand and the first expression of your company.

Our focus is to help bring out the true character in an image that will allow potential customers to feel a positive emotion when first viewing your brand identity. There are many different emotions that can tie into a brand, your first impression must be a good one!

Our focus for our Business Branding head shots are not logic but emotion. When a Brand's experience emotionally charges someone, they are now buying with an element of emotion instead of just logic and so they are often willing to spend more.

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