The Roughneck Gypsies are a family of photographers. Mother, Sister and daughters. Their name was born from living and growing on the road in the oilfields.

"Mama takes pictures and Daddy drills oil"


Cassandra Sasse

Heart & Soul. Photographer and founder of the Roughneck Gypsies. Cassandra Sasse is a happily married homeschooling mother of seven, their ages ranging from 24 to 3 years of age. Living and working on the road has become a way of life for this family. While her husband transfers to different oilfield locations all over the United States, she schools the children and has used her talent and skills to grow what is today the Roughneck Gypsies. Her two oldest daughters have now joined her as artists.  

"We travel. It's what we do, In the midst of it all we live & love dreaming with our eyes open"

Katelynn Sasse

Creative Muse, Assistant to detail, editing and creatives. She is also her Mother's right hand. Katelynn is the oldest of all the siblings. 

"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone"

Kodi & Kolt Sasse

Makeup & Hair magic, social media guru. Kodi is the second oldest girl, and our little Kolt is the youngest of the pack. 

Roughneck Gypsies Friends Shoot.jpg

Paula Hahn

Creative Co-Conspirator. Partner in crime. Sister from another mister, Paula Hahn who dominates our Williston, North Dakota Location.